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April 30 2017

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i just laughed for like 10 minutes

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Kuli the one-eyed cat started surfing when he was 6 months old after being rescued from the streets of Honolulu. He has no fear of water because he was bathed a lot while recovering from eye surgery.

As far as surfing cats go, Kuli is a pro - although he does wear a teeny-tiny-yet-functional life preserver on occasion.

He seems pretty content with life, even immediately following surgery.

I just want to point out that you may never again see another photo that includes a one-eyed cat, drenched in water, floating on a surfboard, perfectly chill, in front of a double rainbow.


This is the most magnificent photo I have ever seen.

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April 29 2017

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Christopher Coleman
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‘Cause people seem to only post the 20-something Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn was the granddaughter of a baron, the daughter of a nazi sympathizer, spent her teens doing ballet to secretly raise money for the dutch resistance against the nazis, and spent her post-film career as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, winning the presidential medal of freedom for her efforts.

…and history remembers her as pretty.



this is the first time I have ever seen a picture of her older than 20 and I think that’s scary

Amazing woman

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The more you look at this piece of art, the creepier it gets. How many gruesome details can you find?

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Sunlight through a tree during an eclipse. The tree leaves act similar to how pinhole cameras work, leaving these little eclipse casts

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