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August 19 2013

August 18 2013

“Yes Squirrel?”
“Okay is wonderful”
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August 16 2013

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I love his cute little hop. It’s like, “Yes, but I MEANT to.”

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August 11 2013

From this moment forward, the Rogues of Gotham shall tremble in fear before the tweeting song of… the Robin!
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Everything has an end
Even the lives of family and friends
Everything has an end
Even when it doesn't make sense

You can't hold on to what's gone
Don't try to fix it, just move on
Only then, you'll see the world all brand new

— Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers, AVPSY, Everything Ends
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When I was Harry Potter

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August 05 2013

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August 04 2013








imagine being stuck in a room surrounded by everyone you’ve ever had sex with

 #empty chairs at empty tables

imagine being stuck in a room surrounded by everyone you’ve ever thought about having sex with

#it’s raining men

#its raining men, and women, a few celestial beings, two timelords and a sociapath.


a few villains and a spider



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the theme of the night is redrawing old icons and fighting sidebar html

this is awesome!

Woah! This is cool!

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July 29 2013

July 18 2013

July 17 2013


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Harry, Hogwarts is your home!

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July 15 2013

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July 13 2013

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July 12 2013

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Blurred Lines cover by Talkfine and Tomek Miernowski :)

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